Circular Economy Hour: The latest perspectives on reduction, reuse, and recycling

11:00 am
Thursday, February 25, 2021

At 6am-7am on 25th February an amazing panel, including CEDaCI Lead Deborah Andrews will discuss when it's best to refurbish vs upgrade your equipment and the impact on the environment.

Accelerating implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan within data centers

The new Circular Economy Action Plan, published by the EU last year, announced initiatives along the entire life cycle of products, targeting their design, promoting circular economy processes, fostering sustainable consumption, and aiming to ensure that the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible. To ensure that data centers aren’t left behind on the path towards net zero, the Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI) project is interpreting this regulation for the industry in order to accelerate its implementation within data centers.

This session, presented by the lead for the CEDaCI project, will take us through the various pilots in progress and tools available to enable thorough and accurate life cycle assessment within the data center. From eco design guidelines to comprehensive environmental impact assessments, find out how to make economically viable decisions around disassembly and upgrade to ensure the best outcome in terms of environmental impact and energy consumption.

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