Project Delivery Team


Aliter Networks

Since 2009, Aliter Networks has reused more than 120,000 network products together with IT-companies and IT-departments of banks, universities, telcos, and hospitals in 108 countries. Based in the Netherlands and Singapore 28 people of 10 nationalities are working together towards one goal: to have every company using sustainable technology by 2025.

Arjen Workum

As a promotor of sustainability and tech enthusiast, Arjen collaborates with organisations in different industries in the Netherlands and internationally to become more circular by reusing their equipment and extending the lifetime of the current networks.


Dialasheep is a small consultancy specialising in technology policy. Services include production of advocacy materials, report writing and editorial. Outputs include explanatory material, infographics, policy positions, business overviews, thought leadership, opinion pieces, and advocacy material. Areas of expertise include UK and European data centre markets and relevant policy and standards frameworks. We also specialise in technology and sustainability issues, especially climate change mitigation and resilience, circular economy and air quality.

Emma Fryer


Emma runs Dialasheep, providing advocacy and editorial services.  She has also led the data centre programme for technology sector trade body techUK, since 2011.  A graduate of Durham University and the University of London, she is a policy and compliance expert in the data centre space and the author of multiple reports and publications. Emma is a recipient of two prestigious awards, is a regular speaker at industry events and sits on a judging panel.

Green IT Amsterdam

GITA is a non-profit organisation of public-private organisations supporting energy transition. The focus is on greening of ICT and greening by ICT by developing, testing and showcasing innovative IT knowledge, solutions & practices to achieve sustainability targets in the wider Amsterdam region and beyond. It has extensive experience in knowledge sharing and stakeholder engagement around technology, policy or procurement and particularly in creating an ecosystem of companies working on e-waste and IT server refurbis

Julie Chenadec

Julie Chenadec's work focuses on promoting and realising energy sustainability initiatives within the IT industry. As such, Julie is working as a Project Manager at Green IT Amsterdam since 2015. She is also in charge of the Marketing and Communication activities and initiating local impact activities with our 28 Green IT Leaders. Julie holds a Master in Sustainable Development from Bordeaux INSEEC Business School in 2015.

Robbert Hoeffnagel

Robbert Hoeffnagel has worked in the data centre and IT industry as a journalist, publisher and consultant for more than 25 years. He writes articles, blogs and columns on important IT trends and advises companies on marketing and positioning. He is also active as a consultant at Green IT Amsterdam, where he focuses on sustainability, eWaste, green software development and other topics. He is also active as a moderator at conferences and events.


London South Bank University is a culturally diverse institution based one mile from the City of London. It is in the UK top 20 for engineering research and academics in the School of Engineering have been collaborating with the data centre industry for over 20 years.

Dr Deborah Andrews

Associate Professor of Design, School of Engineering

Deborah has 20+ years’ experience in sustainable design and manufacture and the Circular Economy and is proud to be a Chartered Environmentalist. She is engaged in related research, enterprise and teaching activities and has worked with the data centre industry since 2010, which includes supervising an EPSRC-funded PhD about the Life Cycle Assessment of Data Centres.

Deborah also supervises industry-funded PhDs and has led a number of highly successful Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships developing sustainable and Circular products and services with SMEs in the refrigeration, energy saving and solar shading sectors as well as sustainable design tools for IDC (Industrial Design Consultancy). Deborah also teaches and champions sustainability to under and post-graduate students on product design and engineering courses.

Nil Atmaca

Project Manager

Nil Atmaca is the lead project manager of CEDaCI. She joined LSBU in November 2018 as the strategic projects coordinator and worked on three EU funded projects.

Before having joined LSBU, Nil worked 8 years in Brussels as the Head of Secretariat and EU Affairs of EUROGIA2020, the energy cluster of EUREKA. Her lead role was to ensure the access of transnational, low carbon energy technology projects to public funds in more than 40 EUREKA Member and Associated Countries. Nil received her BA degree in public administration from University of Marmara and SciencesPo Paris and completed her master`s degree at the College of Europe.

Kristina Kerwin

Kristina is a Product Design Engineer with a master’s degree in Engineering Projects and Systems Management, she envisions the concept of a Circular Economy as a way forward to a more sustainable and progressive development in the Design & Manufacturing industries and society as a whole.

Operational Intelligence

OI was founded on the belief that there is a better way to achieve data centre optimisation compare to traditional consulting. OI uses collaborative working with a blend of consultancy and training to reduce data centre risk, energy and cost.

Dr Beth Whitehead

Associate Sustainability Engineer

Beth is involved in researching the environmental impact of data centres. Her previous research includes the impact of water vs air in the operation of data centre cooling technologies; and the application of a life cycle approach to data centre sustainability.

Further to her research activities, she has been involved in the development of the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) Criteria for Data Centres; BSI 50600-99-2: Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures - Part 99-2- Recommended practices for environmental sustainability; and completed a PhD focused on the life cycle environmental impact of data centres.

Beth has also been involved in energy and risk reduction workshops and assessments with OI. She has a multidisciplinary knowledge of buildings (from her PhD and previous role as a structural engineer) and has worked with operations teams to understand their use of energy in the data centre.

Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) offers e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions for regional and global businesses, data centers and electronic OEMs. SRS is a leading global provider of IT asset disposal and electronics recycling services, managing your electronic assets locally and worldwide in an ethical, safe and sustainable way to minimize your data and regulatory risks and maximize reuse, resale and recycling value. We offer comprehensive and secure data destruction services including data erasure, hard drive shredding, crushing and degaussing.

Martijn Van der Veer

IT Trade Manager

Martijn van der Veer IT Trade Manager at Sims Recycling Solutions is an experienced data centre and networking equipment professional. Focused on extending equipment lifecycles and reducing total cost of ownership of data centers Martijn deals with some of the largest data centre providers on a daily basis and boasts an acute awareness of equipment trends, material value and recycling possibilities. Martijn has a multi-disciplinary background in commercial, marketing and communications.


TEAM2 is a competitiveness cluster from France set up by the French Government, aiming at creating synergies and innovative, collaborative projects and supporting SMEs and regional authorities in developing new solutions and innovation for recycling and circular economy through collaborative innovation.TEAM2 is active in 5 sectors: strategic and precious metals, plastics and composites, minerals, innovative equipment for recycling activities, and industrial ecology.

Gratienne Torque

Gratienne studied at the Catholic University of Lille. Graduated from the ESAD (Higher School of Executive Assistants), she worked in a marketing and training firm for 15 years, then she joined the TEAM2 competitiveness cluster as a management assistant in 2012. Gratienne must manage the administrative and financial responsibility of the association.

Mélanie Azais

Arrived in the competitiveness cluster TEAM2 to complete her end-of-studies internship, Mélanie has thus validated her Master's degree in Strategic Watch Intelligence and Innovation in University of Lille in 2018. Then she continued her professional career with the cluster as in charge of strategic watch and Communication.

Christian Traisnel

Graduate engineer in mechanics in ICAM School (Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers), Christian has first developed turbo-compressors for the chemical industry for 3 years, then he has worked for 4 years in the engineering and construction of cement plant. Then he has helped in the recovery of companies in difficulty, and created and managed for 22 years a consulting firm in strategy and industrial marketing. He has helped to create in 2002 the CD2E (cluster in Nord Pas-de-Calais to develop eco-activities) ans he has directed it during 14 years. He has created the TEAM2 competitiveness cluster and manage it since 2010.


Founded in 2017, WeLOOP is a consultancy with an expertise in ecodesign and Circular Economy. WeLOOP supports actors in understanding, assessing and improving the environmental, social and economic performance of product, service, process, organization and territories. WeLOOP works in various fields including EEE, recycling, buildings and construction, food, etc.

Carolina Szablewski

Currently working as LCA/LCC engineering consultant in WeLOOP in northern France. Carolina has a multidisciplinary background in chemistry and environmental engineering, as well as management. She holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from French Université d’Artois. She worked in different LCA projects since 2015 in the fields of EEE, agro-food, building and construction.

Naeem Adibi

Currently working as managing director in WeLOOP in northern France. Naeem has a multidisciplinary background in engineering, environmental sciences and management. He holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from French Ecole Centrale de Lille. He has been coordinating numerous LCM and LCA projects in EEE, recycling and building construction, as well as in a range of industrial sectors.

Wuppertal Institute

The Wuppertal Institute undertakes research and develops models, strategies and instruments for transitions to a sustainable development at local, national and international level. Sustainability research at the Wuppertal Institute focuses on the resources, climate and energy related challenges and their relation to economy and society. Special emphasis is put on analysing and stimulating innovations that decouple economic growth and wealth from natural resource use.

Katrin Bienge

Katrin is the Co-Head of the Research Unit on Production and Consumption Systems at the Wuppertal Institute, Sustainable Production & Consumption department. She has many years of experience in carrying out research projects, particularly in the field of sustainable value chains and resource efficiency potentials in areas such as household consumption, electromobility and sharing economy. Her professional expertise includes sustainability assessment and multi-stakeholder dialogues.