Circularity In IoT-AI, A Boost For Innovation & Sustainable Growth

5:00 pm
Thursday, March 24, 2022

As part of the Sustainable IoT-AI Think and Do Series, organised by ecoSurge, Dr. Deborah Andrews, CEDaCI Lead, Martin Charter, Director of the Center for Sustainable Design at UCADr, Davide Polverini, Policy Officer at the European Commission and Dr. Daniela Tulone, Founder of ecoSurge will appear on a panel discussion on circularity.

The semiconductor crisis underlined the economic pitfalls of the ‘take-make-dispose’ model, in addition to its negative environmental and social impact. In this panel there will be a discussion of how circularity and resource-efficiency principles can be embedded into AI-IoT systems from the technical, business and policy perspective, highlighting new opportunities for innovation and business growth.

The discussion will be held online at 5pm BST/ 6pm CET for two hours on 24th March 2022. To register, please click here