DCW Conference: Fireside Chat: Data Centre Sustainability- Responsible ESG or Cynical Greenwashing?

12:20 pm
Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The DCW Conference is the flagship event for the data centre community. Avital networking and knowledge hub for an international audience of data centre professionals, coming together in their thousands, to source solutions and services to help manage cost and risk, deliver unparalleled continuity and sustainably scale.

Dr Deborah Andrews, CEDaCI Lead will chair a Fireside Chat on Data Centre Sustainability.

Data Centres are a huge source of carbon emissions, collectively pumping out the equivalent CO2 of a mid-sized country. Action on this has been limited, while their footprint continues expanding. Is talk of data centre sustainability anything but ‘greenwashing’, or do these businesses take their environmental impact seriously?

In this fireside chat, the following will be discussed:
• What data centre sustainability really means
• Standards and guidance in place today
• How we should interpret data centre companies’ sustainability statements
• How data centres (and their environmental impact) are likely to evolve

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