DCW: The CEDaCI Compass- Supporting Transition To The Circular Economy

10:00 am
Thursday, March 3, 2022

The DCW Conference is the flagship event for the data centre community. Avital networking and knowledge hub for an international audience of data centre professionals, coming together in their thousands, to source solutions and services to help manage cost and risk, deliver unparalleled continuity and sustainably scale.

Dr Deborah Andrews, CEDaCI Lead will give a talk on The CEDaCI Compass- Supporting Transition To The Circular Economy.

The Circular Data Centre Compass (CDCC) enable users to choose from the following tool options: Compare, Ecodesign Evaluator and End-of-life to assess their servers at various stages of their life. All options were developed in line with the EU Circular Economy Action Plan 2020 and other eco-design directives and regulations as well as the empirical data collected by CEDaCI from the material breakdown and assessment of various server models.

To join this talk and visit the CEDaCI stand to learn more about the project and SME Training session, click here