CEDaCI Nomination- DCD Global Awards

November 28, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the CEDaCI Project has been shortlisted for the Social Impact in Data Supply Chain category of the Data Centre Dynamics Global Awards.

Co-financed by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme, the CEDaCI project created the first bespoke Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA)for data centre equipment and a new sector-specific assessment method based on United Nations S-LCA guidelines. Qualitative data was collected via expert interviews with representatives from all Data Centre sub-sectors and quantified using UN S-LCA criteria.

CEDaCI is reducing adverse social impact by characterising social, environmental, and economic impacts of IT equipment to manage burden-shift between sustainability axes. Outcomes apply to every PCB-containing product in Data Centre Industry and beyond.

In order to build a circular economy for the Data Centre Industry, the CEDaCI Project has organised and attended:

-       10 training sessions reaching out to more than 150 people

-       15co-creation workshops enabling trans-sectoral learning

-       More than 75Data Centre Industry Networking events and activities

These activities provided the opportunity to reach out to the Data Centre Industry previously unfamiliar with the sustainability solutions that the CEDaCI developed. They had the chance to learn more about the lifecycle sustainability assessment, Circular Data Centre Compass and gave valuable feedback that we have been able to incorporate in the development of the CEDaCI activities.

We are proud that the work of the CEDaCI Team has been recognised in this area. All entries will be independently judged by a panel with the winners due to be announced on 7th December 2022 at the Park Plaza Hotel at Westminster Bridge.