Green Alliance Produces Paper on Why The UK Needs A New Vision For Resource Use

March 31, 2021

In this report, Green Alliance show why the current approach to resource management is failing and how it can be fixed, with a clear vision and implementation plans in the development of a stable economy.

The government will be setting long term goals for England through the Environment Bill, with targets due to take effect from October 2022. As part of this, it is expected to develop waste prevention and resource productivity targets, to complement existing recycling targets.

Among the suggestions made by Green Alliance include the necessity of a target to bring resource consumption within planetary boundaries by 2050. This aim is similar to what has been considered elsewhere such as in the EU as leaked early version of the Circular Economy Action Plan included a target to halve the bloc’s material use by 2030.

Other recommendations include roadmaps being outlined for specific sectors and strategically important materials, identifying what can and needs to be done to contribute to the overall goal.

Legally binding interim goals should also be set towards the overall target, both overarching and sector specific, to provide near term certainty and a stable policy environment for businesses. This would encourage investment in the business models, infrastructure and innovation needed for a whole system adjustment to a circular economy.

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