Joint LSBU-WeLOOP PhD Scholarship

February 16, 2022

This PhD is a joint venture between LSBU, WeLOOP (a globally renowned sustainability consultancy based in France) and Operational Intelligence (UK-based data centre sustainability consultancy).There is already evidence that machine-learning methods are being tested in line with environmental impact (Life Cycle) assessment. However many are inappropriate and not only provide inferior results to those from comparative LCAs, but additionally they either fail to produce results for or produce inaccurate results for a number of impact categories, which skews overall results. The main project objectives and outcomes for the PhD candidate are to:

• develop AI-based systems that increase scope and speed of LCSA activities

• generate AI systems that facilitate longer-term predictions for future products

• combine environmental, economic and social impact assessment methods to improve accuracy of LSCA results and data sets

• increase monitoring of materials criticality and supply chains

• engage in high-quality research and publication in journal articles

• present project findings at international conferences

This is a 3 year fully funded studentship for UK/EU and overseas applicants who are keen to conduct research in AI, have an interest in sustainability, are willing to learn about Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in the School of Engineering at LSBU and to travel to WeLOOP in France.

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