Tech and the Circular Economy Conference

November 25, 2019

Tech UK organised a circular economy conference on November 25, 2019, in London. This event included speakers from various fields and organisations to present the developments to move towards a circular economy.Dr Deborah Andrews, LSBU presented CEDaCI and its achievements so far and how CEDaCI project tackles one of the untold environmental impacts of Data Centre Industry.

CEDaCI, the Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry, builds a cross-sectoral network and brings together actors from different life cycle stages of the Data Centre Industry, which normally do not converse.

CEDaCI with its cross-sectoral network across North-West Europe is developing circularity solutions for the IT equipment used by Data Centre Industry,said Dr Deborah Andrews.

Moreover, CEDaCI UK Working Group Member companies Cistor and SIMS Recycling Solutions contributed to the panel session Delivering circularity: Software and Services Perspective.